Things to Do in Ålesund

If you’re looking for something truly different on your next trip to Norway, I’ve got the ideal destination for you. Today we’re heading to the west coast of Norway to the traditional district of Sunnmøre. I love Ålesund, and I think you’re going to love it too! Ålesund is a small waterside town but with plenty to keep you busy. Active types will enjoy the hiking and kayaking opportunities, while there’s plenty to occupy history buffs too. Here are Things to Do in Ålesund you should know.

Things to Do in Ålesund

1. Visit Ålesund Harbor

Ålesund’s harbor exists in between the islands of Nørvøy as well as Aspøy and is protected by the Skansen peninsula. As terrific as it is straying around and admiring the design– the stunning harbor includes lots of older buildings when utilized by fishermen– you’ll be attracted to sit awhile and merely view the boat web traffic reoccured in this hectic port location.

Port of Alesund handles as well as operates all metropolitan port framework in addition to direct shipping traffic in the neighborhood authority locations of sea, including all community piers. Shipping fee and also other prices for utilizing port infrastructure as well as using the council’s sea area. All vessels are called for to notify their calls at the Port Authority via an arrival notification. If this is not possible, vessels report their arrival at VHF, fax, telephone, or mobile.

2. Check Out Atlantic Sea-Park

A great location to learn about Norway’s diverse marine life, the Atlantic Sea-Park (Atlanterhavsparken)– among the biggest saltwater fish tanks in northern Europe– is simply a short shuttle trip from the community center and also offers a fascinating look at life under the sea. Established in 1951 as well as developed right into the coast, this stunning family tourist attraction is crisscrossed with many picturesque walking trails allowing many wonderful views of its questionable residents.

All told, the facility’s exhibition location consists of 11 big fish tanks, in addition to open touch pools and activity pools. Attempt to time your visit to capture the daily fish feeding in the million-gallon Great Atlantic storage tank if you can.

3. Galleries in Ålesund

For more details on why Ålesund looks the way it does, head to the Jugendstilsenteret, a museum that retells the tale of the town’s fire as well as subsequent repair.

To discover a lot more about the city, Aalesunds Gallery has artifacts, photographs, and also paintings from the restoration, The second world war as well as other essential periods.

While it’s not a gallery in itself, the city’s aquarium is among the best-known in the nation. With penguins as well as otters among the attractions, it’s an actual kid-friendly alternative for your plan. It’s called the Atlantic Sea Park in English and also Atlanterhavsparken in Norwegian.

4. Enjoy the neighborhood cuisine

As a coastal city, it ought to come as no surprise to discover that fish is a huge part of the regional diet regimen. Simply a quick word of cautioning however, prior to you request the regional speciality!

Ålesund is Norway’s home of klippfisk, the dried and also salted cod made use of to make the recipe bacalao. It can be really tasty, as long as you’re anticipating the salty taste! The midtown XL Diner is an upmarket place that is experts in klippfisk.

You might also come across a svele, a Norwegian pancake that is preferred in the larger region as well as especially on the passenger ferries. The crescent-folded thick pancake is similar to an American pancake. However again, I have to release a caution. There may be a slice of brown cheese existing inside, so check initially!

5. Walkthrough downtown Ålesund’s Art Nouveau area

Ålesund is built on a row of islands prolonging out right into the ocean, yet it’s most popular for its stunning architecture, which is absolutely something that not many Norwegian cities can claim. You see, after a fire ruined the city in 1904 it was rebuilt in dynamic Art Nouveau.

And that’s what’s really terrific about Ålesund– I had seen photos of the center in the past, however I constantly assumed it simply had a few gorgeous Art Nouveau buildings occasionally. But because the whole city had to be reconstructed, it really is all Art Nouveau. I felt like I was wandering through the streets of some Central European city, not a Norwegian one (in an excellent way).

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